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The cross-network, hashtag-powered social hub


by gregg
Social media sharing doesn’t just happen at a desk. It happens in the car, on the train, during a holiday – anywhere and everywhere. At Buffer, our goal is to provide you with the easiest possible way to share to your social accounts – even on-the-go.


What You Look Like to a Social Network

by sbrothier
This infographic allows you to explore the categories of information that various social networks make available to other applications. If you log in to a Web site with your Twitter account, this is what Twitter sends about you to the site. If you play Farmville on Facebook, this is what is sent to Farmville. Those applications, in turn, often give data about your activities back to the social network. These exchanges of information take place through what’s known as an application programming interface, or an A.P.I. Read more here. (To use the infographic, click to zoom in and see specific fields; click on the black bar to zoom back out.)



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The social media hub for hashtags


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The social media hub for hashtags


by gregg & 4 others
The social media hub for hashtags


by gregg
Our social networks are noisy, and only getting worse -- it’s a constant leakage of great content. Undrip stops that leaky faucet. We make it easy to discover the best of what your friends are sharing from around the web.

5 Essential Spreadsheets for Social Media Analytics

by Teulliac & 1 other
That’s why many social media marketers and power users are in constant search of free, efficient alternatives. Here, we’ll share a few ready-made spreadsheets you can copy (navigate File + Make a copy) and use for social media analytics. They are free, highly customizable and extremely easy to use. Most of the scripts that run the spreadsheets are “public,” meaning you can access them from the Tools + Script Gallery menu (this also means they were reviewed and approved by Google Spreadsheets team)

by gregg
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CSS3 Social Sign-in Buttons

by sbrothier & 2 others
To create the default sign-in button, add a class of btn-auth and btn-[service] (where [service] is one of the supported social sign-in services) to any appropriate element (most likely an anchor).

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