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Basic Hip Digital Gold | American records from the 50's, 60's, and beyond | downloads

by garret
"Here you will find hundreds of downloadable record albums. We specialize in exotica, moog, soundtracks, pop instrumentals and oddities from the fifties and sixties. In addition to our popular MP3 Collections, we have added a new feature, The Album of the Week."

Basic Hip Digital Oddio | American records from the 50's, 60's, and beyond

by garret & 3 others
"Basic Hip Digital Oddio collects records from the fifties, sixties and beyond, focusing on soundtracks, pop instrumentals and incredibly strange music." Some albums are available for streaming and some for sale (downloads, cd's).

The Record Robot | Music Blog

by garret & 4 others
"Choice cuts from our personal vinyl collections make the Record Robot run."


New Wave Outpost - Obscure 80's Song Clips

by garret
" clips of obscurities and lost treasures from vinyl records, representing a sampling of some of the great forgotten music of the new wave era, in my opinion. These clips are long enough to hear the verse and chorus—a vast improvement over the standard 30-seconds-or-less snippets offered by most online music stores."




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