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Pixsy: Search millions of photos & videos

by cyberien & 2 others
We believe that images are more powerful than text and have developed a unique search engine that delivers only visual results, in the form of thumbnail images. We call this “visual search”. Pixsy collects visual material from thousands of providers across the web, resulting in millions of photos and videos for you to search and browse. Traditional image search engines take a mathematical approach to search, with the focus entirely on relevancy. With Pixsy, you can search for both photos and videos by “relevance”, “category”, “provider”, or “freshness”. As a meta-aggregator of visual material you can explore content from multiple providers with just one search query. Additionally, our visual search technology extracts photo and video content from RSS feeds, enabling us to deliver the freshest photos and videos to our users (browse the latest news photos, the latest sports photos, the latest celebrity photos, the latest funny videos, etc). We update our index to the minute so you can discover new material every time you visit. Pixsy enables any website to run their own branded photo or video search engine, with their own content (if desired), at no cost. Media search engages users, create new traffic, and unlocks new ad inventory. For more information please visit our Partner section. Our goal is to collect, index, and organize the millions of photos and videos being added to the Internet each day.


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