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September 2009


FOOXX is based on client-server-solution and the patented 'Personal Rank' technology. FOOXX "studies" the activity of its members as they surf and from this, learns the importance of the sites being used. How are the search results ranked? In contrast to conventional search engines, FOOXX does not rank its' sites exclusively according to content, but also through the evaluation of other users' interactions. Intensively used sites receive a higher ranking than sites which are only briefly visited. In this way, each internet site receives a ranking which really reflects its' value to the user. Attempts to manipulate don't stand a chance. FOOXX ranks sites fairly.

Recherche Web - Exalead

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Pas de catégorie Shopping ? Principe des raccourcis sur la home réalisé par les utilisateurs ? Technologie OEM

Exalead CloudView OEM Edition

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Pangora est l’un des prestataires leaders sur le marché européen en termes de recherche shopping et de comparaison de produits. Pangora propose des solutions shopping aux portails et gère d’importants sites de shopping en Europe. Pangora offre aux boutiques en ligne la possibilité d’accroître leurs ventes et de toucher de nouveaux clients à travers un large réseau de distribution.

November 2007

October 2007 - Online Video Distribution and Analytics

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With TubeMogul, video creators, advertisers and marketers upload videos once and TubeMogul deploys them to as many of the top video sharing sites the creators chooses. TubeMogul's integrated analytics then provide a single source of metrics on where, when, and how often the videos are viewed. - Yieldex, Inc.

The company's technology allows publishers to have greater visibility into their available inventory, and move inventory around in order to deliver on more of their premium CPM buys"


We're ready. In addition to multiplatform reach, ads need to dynamically target the right audience at the right time and place. With engaging ad units. And rich targeting parameters. BlackArrow is ahead of the advanced video-advertising curve, with a broadband and VOD-ready system that tackles the complexities of a new breed of ad-management for viewer-controlled video platforms.

ReputationDefender > MyReputation

Find out everything that's being said about you online and get rid of the content you don't like. Let us make sure that your reputation is not hurt by information posted online.

Emailvision: The Market and Technology Leader for E-mail Marketing Software on Demand

Bienvenue dans Campaign Commander™ version 6, une génération d'avance en services logiciels de marketing email. : Homepage : home

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phplist is an open-source newsletter manager. phplist is free to download, install and use, and is easy to integrate with any website. phplist is downloaded more than 10 000 times per month and is listed in the top open source projects for vitality score on Freshmeat. phplist is sponsored by tincan. phplist's 30 feature set includes: * double opt-in subscription mechanism * scheduling * RSS * list segmentation * click-tracking * attachments * bounce management

MeVu Home Page :: MeVu

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FaceBook, Myspace, Linkedin, Del.ici.ous, YouTube, Blogger, Digg, Flickr, forum profiles, your own websites...people have so many web presences these days. Just how do you tell your friends, in one place, where on the net you live? This is the single purpose of MeVu. Please take a look, and then create your own free page.

September 2007

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