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thwartedefforts ยป Race Conditions with Ajax and PHP Sessions

by formation_ajax & 3 others
This one's been in the hopper for a long time. Back in February, I came across, through Ajaxian, Marc Wandschneider's "Troubles with Asynchronous Ajax Requests and PHP Sessions", and Harry Fuecks's 'AJAX and Session "Race Conditions"'. These are very interesting and well written articles about an often difficult to understand, debug, and combat problem: race conditions. The responses in the comments are all over the place, from claims to that this is how its supposed to be, to this isn't a problem with PHP it's a problem with HTTP being stateless, to PHP doesn't actually have this problem. The facts appear to be somewhat different. In general, everyone's right, at least a little bit. As with many problems of this type, particularities of each environment can render different results.


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