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🛠 VIDEO PLAYER - 20 VLC Player Tips and Tricks

by decembre
VLC is probably the most versatile video player you can download due to its amazing ability to play almost any codec you throw at it. This alone makes this app a worthy addition to your software suite. While most people use VLC as a simple video player, it is so much more than that. VLC is the Swiss Army Knife of video players with features that are hidden and unknown to the casual user.



Miro Video Converter FREE - Convert any video to MP4, WebM (vp8), iPhone, Android, iPod, iPad, and more.

by gregg & 8 others (via)
A super simple way to convert almost any video to MP4, WebM (vp8), Ogg Theora, or for Android, iPhone, and more.


Arista – Un bon convertisseur vidĂ©o pour Linux

by eledo34
Si vous cherchez un petit soft pour Linux capable de convertir n’importe quel DVD ou vidĂ©o vers le format d’un autre pĂ©riphĂ©rique vidĂ©o : * Android * iPad / iPhone / iPod * Lecteur DVD * Nokia N Series * PSP / PS3 * Internet (pour du youtube et compagnie) * Et bien sĂ»r avec le player vidĂ©o de votre ordinateur
 j’ai ce qu’il vous faut. Ça s’appelle Arista, et ça prend en charge tous les formats comme le MP4, WebM, MKV, AVI, OGG, FLV
 tous les codecs comme le VP8, H.264, le MPEG4, MPEG2, Theora et pour l’audio, l’AAC, le Vorbis, le MP3, le FLAC, le Speex et le WAV. Arista gĂšre les files d’attente, l’intĂ©gration de sous titres et tous les formats que j’ai citĂ© juste avant. D’ailleurs si votre pĂ©riphĂ©rique ou tĂ©lĂ©phone ou player ou je ne sais quoi ne figure pas dans la liste, vous pouvez les ajouter vous-mĂȘme via l’espace de partage mis en place sur le site d’Arista.


by Krome
FFmpeg is a complete, cross-platform solution to record, convert and stream audio and video. It includes libavcodec - the leading audio/video codec library.

Freemake Video Converter 1.3 - Téléchargez le logiciel Freemake Video Converter 1.3

by eledo34
Freemake Video Converter est un convertisseur Audio, Photo et Vidéo complÚtement gratuit et en français. L'interface ne comporte pas de publicités et n'impose pas l'installation d'une barre d'outi

How to Make a Screencast for Your Website | Webdesigner Depot

by oseres (via)
Having a video on your website can vastly improve your conversion rate. Whether the goal is for users to sign up for your web application or simply to get users to contact you via a web form, a video improves the likelihood of this happening. You need only go to the home page of any new Internet-based startup, and you’ll see an embedded video with a very large call to action beckoning you to play its two- or three-minute video introduction. Videos that demonstrate web applications or web-based services are often called screencasts because they usually capture events on the company’s website. These screencasts can sum up in just two minutes what might otherwise take up many pages to explain, so they make for powerful additions to websites. Is it easy to make a screencast? How much does it cost, and what tools are required? Let’s answer these questions.

Dirpy - YouTube to Mp3 Converter and YouTube Video Downloader

by simon_bricolo & 4 others
Dirpy let’s you convert your favorite YouTube Movies into MP3s


by gregg & 1 other
Permute is the perfect A/V conversion tool for those of us that are not A/V experts. With its drag and drop ease of use and simple, custom settings behind the curtain, it’s the answer to all the "other" confusing and complicated alternatives.

Miro Video Converter

by simon_bricolo & 8 others
Convert any video to MP4, OGG Theora, iPhone, Android, iPod, and more, based on FFMPEG.

Evom - Convert and Download Videos to iTunes 7

by simon_bricolo
Convert your movies and download flash videos from the internet.


Créer des GIF animé à partir des vidéos YouTube

by Krome & 2 others
GIFSoup vous permttra de transformer une simple vidéo en trÚs simple GIF animé. Idéal pour faciliter le partage d'un extrait de vidéo. Il suffira de préciser le début et la fin de la séquence et le service fera le reste.


Le Convertisseur

by Dictionnaire & 1 other
Convertisseur universel. Pour convertir euros, dollars, distances, temperature, superficie, AVI, DIVX, MP3, MP4, PDF ...

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