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🛠 ❤️ ONLINE - FUN / PLAY - Chrome Experiments | Experiments with Google (Work principaly with Chrome)

by decembre (via)
Chrome Experiments est une vitrine du travail de codeurs qui repoussent les limites de la technologie Web, créant de belles expériences Web uniques. Vous trouverez des liens utiles dans tout le site pour créer vos propres expériences, et vous pouvez également explorer des ressources comme WebGL Globe et notre atelier d'outils.


Gays en Cam : les meilleures webcam porno de Gays sur

by Adult-world (via)
Les meilleures webcams pornos de Gays pour du live tchat Ă©rotique : des milliers de Gays en sex cam rien que pour toi !

Asiatiques en WebCam : les meilleures webcam porno d'asiatiques sur

by Adult-world (via)
Les meilleures webcams porno d'asiatiques pour du live tchat Ă©rotique : des milliers d'asiatiques en sex cam rien que pour toi !

Lesbiennes en Cam : les meilleures webcam porno de lesbiennes sur

by Adult-world (via)
Les meilleures webcams porno de lesbiennes pour du live tchat Ă©rotique : des milliers de lesbiennes en sex cam rien que pour toi !

Live Sex Cam : le meilleur site de webcam porno sur

by Adult-world (via)
Le meilleur site de webcams porno et de livesex pour du tchat sexy : femmes, hommes, transsexuels, gays, lesbiennes, couples, ...

Couples Cam : The best webcam porn and Couple livesex Website on

by Adult-world (via)
The best Couple Webcam Sex website for online Chat : thousands of Couples just for you !

Lesbian Cam : The best webcam porn and lesbian livesex Website on

by Adult-world (via)
The best Lesbian Webcam Sex website for online Chat : thousands of Lesbian Girls just for you !

The best webcam porn and livesex Website on

by Adult-world (via)
The best Webcam Sex website for online Chat : Girls, Boys, Shemales, Gays, Lesbians, Couples, ...

Cam-Sexy's Arab webcam porn

by Adult-world (via)
The best website for arab webcam porn : hundreds of Arab girls in Sex Cam.


Cam Sexy

by France (via)
Des vidéos sexy de femmes et d'hommes prêts à se dénuder devant leur webcam, venez profiter d'un moment coquin en toute discrétion ! Venez profiter de nos liveshow sexy et mater des camgirl et camboy plus chauds les un que les autres et impatients de satisfaire vos moindres désirs lors de live porn torrides.


by gregg
Test content for emotional engagement—quickly and cost effectively


by gregg
Know exactly what your audience is feeling. Measure people's emotions from any webcam.


Future Self - Orange

by gregg
To celebrate its 20th anniversary, telecom giant Orange, launched the #FutureSelf campaign across the European markets. Created in partnership with agency of record, Paris-based Publicis Conseil, Orange is inviting people to engage in a first of its kind technological journey 20 years down the road to meet and speak with one's future self.

đź›  VIDEO PLAYER - 20 VLC Player Tips and Tricks

by decembre
VLC is probably the most versatile video player you can download due to its amazing ability to play almost any codec you throw at it. This alone makes this app a worthy addition to your software suite. While most people use VLC as a simple video player, it is so much more than that. VLC is the Swiss Army Knife of video players with features that are hidden and unknown to the casual user.

3D Facial Imaging Software and Emotion Measurement Technology | nViso

by sbrothier
Analyze human emotions from facial expressions. More direct and automatic than by any other method. Free yourself from black boxes, electrodes, and wiring. Cost-effectively assess the emotional impact of service, product and brand messages on an unprecedented scale.

Webcam-based gesture recognition with reveal.js

by sbrothier
This is what I got when I combined webcam-based gesture recognition with Hakim El Hattab's reveal.js. It took me a while to write and fine tune the detection algorithms. Even then, the algorithms are only about 80% accurate. You get the gist of it though:  A flick of the hand in mid-air changes the slide. A two hand flick up or down activates the slide overview. Tips and troubleshooting in the slides below (you can still use the keyboard or reveal.js's built in controls)

Kurt Caviezel

by sbrothier
My collection of webcam images has been put together over a period of 13 years. The archive contains more than 3 million images, downloads from all continents - the world wide web provides a lot. I photograph the world, using publicly accessible netcams, which give access to public and private space.

Online Collaboration Software for Remote and Virtual Teams | Sqwiggle

by Spone
Increase human collaboration with that tap on the shoulder experience - from anywhere.


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