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February 2021

Troubleshooting the Windows Subsystem for Linux | Microsoft Docs

by ghis (via)
If after connecting to a VPN on Windows, bash loses network connectivity, try this workaround from within bash. This workaround will allow you to manually override the DNS resolution through /etc/resolv.conf. Take a note of the DNS server of the VPN from doing ipconfig.exe /all Make a copy of the existing resolv.conf sudo cp /etc/resolv.conf /etc/ Unlink the current resolv.conf sudo unlink /etc/resolv.conf sudo mv /etc/ /etc/resolv.conf Open /etc/resolv.conf and a. Delete the first line from the file, which says "# This file was automatically generated by WSL. To stop automatic generation of this file, remove this line.". b. Add the DNS entry from (1) above as the very first entry in the list of DNS servers. c. Close the file. Once you have disconnected the VPN, you will have to revert the changes to /etc/resolv.conf. To do this, do: cd /etc sudo mv resolv.conf sudo ln -s ../run/resolvconf/resolv.conf resolv.conf

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November 2020

October 2020

Best Linux server distros

by kanzor
Here are some of the best Linux server distros available for system administrators and experienced users.

September 2020

Remote Pair programming tool

by asteri
Remote pair programming with multiples IDEs (Jetbrains, VS Code..), multi OS (Mac, win, linux)

August 2020

5 Simple Steps On How To Debug A Bash Shell Script

by orieg
Learn how to quickly debug scripts in Bash with those 5 simple steps that use some of the Bash shell special properties.

July 2020

The Complete How To Guide Of Bash Functions

by orieg
Learn how to write shell scripts with bash functions. This guide includes examples and best practices on how to define, call, and debug functions in bash.

What Is The Right Way To Loop In Bash?

by orieg
Looping over a list of numbers or words is a building block in shell scripts. Learn how to write Bash loops, including for loop, while loop, and until loop.

June 2020

What Is The Best Way To Count Files In A Directory?

by orieg
Learn how to count the number of files in a directory using the Linux command line ls, find, and a native bash shell solution with globs and arrays.

5 Mistakes To Avoid For Writing High-Quality Bash Comments

by orieg
Adding comments in your Bash scripts is necessary to ensure maintainability over time. This post covers 5 Bash comments mistakes to avoid in your shell scripts.

May 2020

Performing Math Calculation In Bash

by orieg
Find out how to do math with integer and floating-point arithmetic in Bash. We cover addition, subtraction, division, multiplication, and also floating-point precision.

What Is The Bash Null Command?

by orieg
Learn about the Bash null command, also known as the POSIX shell colon command. This post cover concrete use cases and pitfalls to avoid.

A Complete Guide On How To Use Bash Arrays

by orieg
Learn how to use bash array variables and associative bash arrays. This guide covers how to declare a bash array, iterate over a bash array, and access keys and values.

How To Format Date And Time In Linux, MacOS, And Bash?

by orieg
Find out how to manipulate date and time on linux and macOS systems as well as natively in the Bash shell. This post covers all you need to know to format a date from your shell.


by NiMe
Création de clé bootable

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