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October 2011


by gregg
Today, a major paper is getting into the community messaging game: The Guardian is launching n0tice, a social news platform that draws a little from Craigslist, a little from Foursquare, a little from Ning. “It’s a place where you can share news, post details about forthcoming events or let people know you have something to sell or share,”

September 2011

Find a news Tumblr

by gregg
Les médias présents sur Tumblr

Push Pop Press — About Us

by HK & 1 other
Push Pop Press acquired by Facebook Last year Push Pop Press set off to re-imagine the book. We created a new way of publishing and exploring text, images, audio, video and interactive graphics, then teamed up with Melcher Media and Al Gore to create a new kind of book. The result is Al Gore's Our Choice, which was released earlier this year. The response has been incredible. Tech columnist David Pogue of The New York Times summed it up by saying: “this is one of the most elegant, fluid, impressive apps you've ever seen. It's a showpiece for the new world of touch-screen gadgets.” Now we're taking our publishing technology and everything we've learned and are setting off to help design the world's largest book, Facebook. Although Facebook isn't planning to start publishing digital books, the ideas and technology behind Push Pop Press will be integrated with Facebook, giving people even richer ways to share their stories. With millions of people publishing to Facebook each day, we think it's going to be a great home for Push Pop Press. Al Gore's Our Choice will remain available for purchase, and we've decided that our future profits from the book will be donated to The Climate Reality Project. There are no plans to continue publishing new titles or building out our publishing platform that was in private beta. We are incredibly grateful to everyone who has supported and expressed interest in Push Pop Press. Both Push Pop Press and Facebook share a passion for improving the way we share and explore ideas and we couldn't be more excited about what the future holds. Mike Matas Kimon Tsinteris Co-founders, Push Pop Press

August 2011

PR Newswire France - United Business Media

by gregg & 1 other (via)
Ce site vous permet d’accéder aux actualités en temps réel provenant de dizaines de milliers d’organisations mondiales. Ajoutez vos communiqués de presse au plus vaste réseau de diffusion d’information au monde, et communiquez avec des experts à propos de nos services.

APTE, les écrans, les médias et nous

by HK
A explorer dès maintenant : - le tout nouveau site MEDIAPTE, avec des parcours pour mieux comprendre le fonctionnement des images et des médias. En 2011 / 2012, nous proposerons tout particulièrement : - aux PARENTS, des soirées-débats et des ateliers ; - aux PROFESSIONNELS DE L’EDUCATION, des sessions de formation à caractère pédagogique ; - à TOUS, des ateliers de lecture et d’écriture d’images.

W.I.P. (Work In Progress) » Information venue du Web, check!

by Monique

Comment être sûr qu’un témoignage, publié sur un réseau social, est authentique? Comment s’assurer qu’une image n’est pas un photomontage ou un vieux cliché ressorti des limbes? En glanant, sur le Web , des éléments pour couvrir l’actualité en temps réel, les journalistes doivent repérer les «fakes», ces faux (messages, photos, vidéos, comptes) qui cohabitent, en ligne, avec de vraies infos.


by rikuniaku97
Qwanz - Get your voice heard and initiate change! A new online social community platform for news updates, opinion gathering & making sure that decision makers (politicians, government agencies, media, Fortune 500) hear your voice! This is the new powerful megaphone of choice for all Citizen & Consumers 2.0!

July 2011

Dual Media

by gregg (via)
Développement iPhone, iPad et Android. Dual Media le spécialiste du développement d’applications mobile et développement de sites Internet

Journalism in the Age of Data: A Video Report on Data Visualization by Geoff McGhee

by gregg
Journalists are coping with the rising information flood by borrowing data visualization techniques from computer scientists, researchers and artists. Some newsrooms are already beginning to retool their staffs and systems to prepare for a future in which data becomes a medium. But how do we communicate with data, how can traditional narratives be fused with sophisticated, interactive information displays?

Twitter for Newsrooms – Twitter Media

by gregg & 1 other
Welcome to #TfN. Inside, you’ll find resources to help you and your organization at every step of the reporting and publishing process.

June 2011

May 2011

March 2011

Designing the Atavist, an App That Rescues Long-form Journalism | Co.Design

by gregg
Created as a way of reviving long-form nonfiction, The Atavist is the "Goldilocks" of e-reading: a just-right blend of digital and printed magazine.

Armstrong CMS - Open Source CMS for News

by Spone & 2 others (via)
Armstrong is an open-source publishing system designed for news organizations that gives your team the technology edge it needs to report in a media-rich environment.

El espectador - media

by colombia
media généraliste

El tiempo - media

by colombia
média généraliste

ABC News - Japan Earthquake: before and after

by gregg & 3 others
Aerial photos taken over Japan have revealed the scale of devastation across dozens of suburbs and tens of thousands of homes and businesses. Hover over each satellite photo to view the devastation caused by the earthquake and tsunami.

Armstrong CMS - Open Source CMS for News

by gregg & 2 others
Armstrong is an open-source publishing system designed for news organizations that gives your team the technology edge it needs to report in a media-rich environment.

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