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by fabiolik
Avec 15 ans d’expérience en tant qu’indépendant, au sein d’agences web et auprès de l’annonceur, j'interviens à chaque étape de l’expérience utilisateur. Webdesign et gestion de sites internet Infographie Photographie



SIMILE Widgets | Timeline

by mozkart & 1 other
With this widget, you can make beautiful interactive timelines like the one below. Try dragging it horizontally or using your mouse-wheel. Click on each event for more details.


10 Key Tasks For Your Next Web Site | Smiley Cat Web Design

by mozkart
Last year I wrote about 12 essential web site building blocks — things that you should check when you take on responsibility for a new web site, or even just launch one. Well, this year I've come up with a few more, mostly as a reminder to me for the next site that I'll be running.

Login designs: the 9 worst ones and where to find good examples » malcolm coles

by mozkart (via)
Examples of good login design That's what not to do. Here's what to do: 65 Examples of Login Form Design - this is the intro page. To see them all, click the second link in the first para. 36 beautiful login page / form designs - a great collection from Dzine this March. 21 beautiful login page/form designs - another collection from Dream CSS Attractive Login / Signup Interface Designs - more ideas from Designing Login Boxes: 6 examples of Good and Bad Design - thoughts from Design vs Art. Interface Design: Login/SignUp - collection from Web Design Ledger Login form designs and inspiration - some thoughts on options from OpenCrypt. Login Forms - a collection on Flickr (the same user, Factory Joe, has some other collections of interface designs and an interesting blog.) Inspriational Login in web design - another collection from Pattern Tap, a pattern library. Login - Interaction Design pattern Library - thoughts on good design and a collection from the pattern library. Using address finders in web forms - this is about address fields in registration processes rather than login. But it was interesting, so I included it here!

Fade colors using jQuery

by mozkart
Demo for Fade colors using jQuery

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