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February 2013

Look, you’re right, okay? But you’re also wrong. » Pressthink

by gregg
This arises from a certain image I have of disaffected newsroom “traditionalists,” who look upon changes in journalism since the rise of the web with fear and loathing.

January 2013

Brainztorming, une fabrique d'idées sur le net,

by lang
L'actu du mag observe les nouvelles tendances numériques. Portrait d'une une jeune entreprise qui colle à la performance des idées. Cette fabrique d'idées sur le net réinvente le brainstorming digital, l'innovation participative et lui ajoute la puissance des réseaux sociaux (décryptage).

Sons Indígenas

by m.meixide
Música Inndígena do Brasil

Upworthy Raises $4M

by gregg
With Six Million Uniques, Upworthy Gets $4M From NEA to Find More Virals That Aren’t Cat Videos

Clipped | Summarize Anything.

by gregg
Summarize Anything. Clipped's patent pending algorithm turns articles and documents into bullet point summaries.

December 2012

2012: The Year in Graphics - Graphic -

by gregg & 1 other
Graphics and interactives from a year that included an election, the Olympics and a devastating hurricane. A selection of the graphics presented here include information about how they were created.

Atavist - Where Stories Begin

by gregg
Atavist is a media and software company at the forefront of digital, mobile publishing. Our mission is to enable the next generation of multimedia storytelling, reaching readers across mobile devices and the Web. Whether it's in our own stories or those of others who use our platform, we aim to push the edge of the digital reading experience.

Paris | Evening Edition

by gregg
Une façon simple et rapide de rester informé après une longue journée de travail. Créé pour vous par Mule Design.


by gregg
The Day's Most Fascinating News by Dave Pell Tous les jours, un journaliste compile 10 infos, pour consultation par newsletter, iPad ou iPhone.

The Beat

by Krome & 1 other
Instagram Photos and What's Around Them - by the Rutgers Social Media Information Lab

The Beat

by gregg & 1 other
Instagram Photos and What's Around Them - by the Rutgers Social Media Information Lab

Syria News | Covering the Crisis

by gregg
Syria Deeply is an independent digital media project led by journalists and technologists, exploring a new model of storytelling around a global crisis. Our goal is to build a better user experience of the story by adding context to content, using the latest digital tools of the day. Over time the hope is to add greater clarity, deeper understanding, and more sustained engagement to the global conversation.

Tout sur la stratégie de publication multi-écrans de Condé Nast - MEDIA - DOC NEWS

by gregg
Juan Estupinan est responsable technique mobiles et tablettes chez Condé Nast. Lors du Digital Publishing Summit, organisé par Adobe le 13 novembre dernier à Paris, il a dévoilé lors d'une Keynote la stratégie de publication multi-écrans suivie par les marques media GQ, AD, Vogue ou Glamour.

November 2012

Why the mainstream media are losing it | Independent Australia

by gregg
Mainstream media is facing financial ruin because of a loss of authority and credibility, and a failure to engage with its audience, says Victoria Rollison.

October 2012


by gregg & 4 others
The social media hub for hashtags


by gregg
Quartz is a digitally native news outlet, born in 2012, for business people in the new global economy. We publish bracingly creative and intelligent journalism with a broad worldview, built primarily for the devices closest at hand: tablets and mobile phones.

September 2012

the new

by gregg
Today we are pleased to give everyone a little sneak peak of the soon to be released The project took over a year to complete, involved all departments within Fi from strategy to UX to design to development, and was spear-headed by the desire to radically re-imagine the way users interact with news online. The new innovative page-turning model of the website allows users to flip through pages while reading articles, changing the experience of reading news online to that of reading a digital magazine. It also allows for large and immersive interactive ads that support video between the news pages – modernizing the canvas for digital advertising.

August 2012

July 2012


by gregg
“Upworthy, a news aggregation site that began publishing on March 26, is serious news built for a spreadable age, with super clicky headlines and a visually oriented user interface. Eli Pariser, the former executive director of, and Peter Koechley, a former managing editor of The Onion who also worked at MoveOn, noticed that much of the media that gets shared online is built on cute animals and dumb humans that are good for a laugh, but not much else.”

Outbrain - Related Link Widgets

by gregg
A la manière des annonces AdSense, Outbrain propose pour les éditeurs une solution de widgets permettant de recommander des liens externes contre monétisation. A la différence de Google, Outbrain se concentre uniquement sur des liens à contenu éditorial et permet de créer des liens internes au sein du site de l'éditeur. En France, Outbrain a déjà signé des partenariats avec une vingtaine de sites dont TF1 News et Plurielles, Tom's Guide et Tom's Hardware (BestOfMedia Groupe), Closer (Mondadori),, Libération, et

June 2012

Newser | Headline News Summaries, World News, and Breaking News

by gregg
Newser's super-short news summaries, doled out judiciously so as not to overwhelm the reader, are exactly what the mobile news experience should be. Get the reader in and out with bite-size chunks, and give them an infinitely scrolling list of stories to click on should they want to spend a little more time with the app.

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