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Enjoy Maths - hundreds of maths worksheets for primary and secondary school levels

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EnjoyMaths are providers of maths worksheets for parents, teachers and tutors looking to structure a child’s after-school education. Subscribers enjoy access to hundreds of colourful, interactive maths worksheets structured around Key Stage 1 - 4 National Curriculum requirements. The service is unique in that all worksheets can be instantly updated to include new tasks so a child can practice until perfect. EnjoyMaths are accredited by government body, CurriculumOnline. EnjoyMaths was devised by a team of experts seeking to provide an online learning resource for parents, teachers and tutors. After a period of consultation the site was launched in August 2005. The service is founded upon three key educational principles. These ensure the child under tuition is sufficiently engaged and motivated to practice what they have learnt until perfect. This way the knowledge will stick: the child practices, is rewarded and moves up to the next level.


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