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PreFound - search what people have already found

by Mital & 1 other (via) is designed to provide a platform for you to download the PFfinder toolkit for use in processing information, and sharing the information with others. Additionally, provides a place for you to upload the information you find to a central location, which will in turn be searchable on the site. This will allow everyone to “search what has already been found”, rather than start every search from scratch. Think of as the ultimate search blog. A place to see and share information you and others have found. When you search the internet you’re searching for the information as if no one has ever done a search like yours before. Unless you’re searching for something really obscure, you can bet the information you’re looking for has been searched for in the past, by a lot of people, and they’ve already found a load of good stuff about it … but you don’t get the benefit of their searching!


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