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since its inception in 1996, onedotzero has collated and commissioned over 200 hours of original programming for the eponymous annual digital creativity festival and other related projects. it has been the largest dedicated digital film festival in the world since 1999, and elements of the london event are presented around the globe. in addition to the festival, onedotzero has produced the standout tv series onedottv and the 12-part onedottv_global, award winning short films, interactive media, installations and other live event productions and commissions. in screen international's 25th anniversary issue onedotzero was named as one of the top ten visionaries of the uk film industry, alongside ridley scott and lynne ramsey. 2005 saw onedotzero extend its audience reach with tours across 60 key cities in asia, the americas and europe and the continued success of the onedotzero dvd label. recent film productions include salaryman6, directed by jake knight and shot in tokyo the winner of the london rushes short film award 2002 and runner-up in the london international film festival’s turner classic movie shorts award 2003. continuing plans include further releases worldwide from the onedotzero dvd label, ongoing film and television productions of short and feature length projects. autumn 2005 saw the eagerly anticipated release of onedotzero dvd4, the fourth in a series of dvd releases from our premier label.


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