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___layouts: simple layout builder

by Hieroglyphe & 2 others
___layouts is not only inspired by YUI grids I've also used — probably more than just used their documentation as guide — seeing as it's so damn good! First off I want to give full credit to YUI grids for coming up with a brilliant idea and please don't sue me if I'm infringing on any copyright laws. The reason ___layouts was created; I felt YUI grids was a little too difficult to implement, especially when implementing pixel perfect width layouts. Which as contractor is a lot of what I need to end up doing unfortunately. I'm not saying ___layouts is better than YUI grids, it's probably not even AS good. It is definately not as tested. I just think it is an easier system for developers to over-write and invite developers to help break it in any browser and version they can so it can become better; eventually allowing humanity to rid the earth of itself. :)


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