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26 May 2009

Larry Masinter on public-html (26-05-2009)

by tehu

The document is currently over 930 pages when printed "letter" size. The first complaint I get from implementors wanting to review the specification is that it is unreviewable: too long, to complex, too difficult to review individual sections, too difficult to find the definition of terms, or where things are used.

L. Masinter, J. Downdell, Matt May (ex W3C) - ces jours-ci, le front anti-html5 vient d'adobe.

22 May 2009

jd/adobe: Building upon untested assumptions

by tehu

John Dowdell en raccourci : Flash a placé la barre tellement haut que forcément ça fait des jaloux. Et ce Ian Hickson, ça serait-y pas un peu l'Antéchrist ?

Plus intéressante est la réaction d'Isofarro (#3), qui ressitue le contexte et l'origine du what-wg.

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