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Chax - miscellaneous iChat improvements

by jpcaruana & 6 others (via)
Chax is a collection of minor modifications and additions that make using Apple's iChat more enjoyable. Features include (full list): User list: * Toggle text status visibility of users * Automatically resize the contact list to fit the number of visible users * Set font of names, status messages, and group separators * Show animated user icons * Ability to hide iTunes music store links in text statuses * Idle time included in tooltips * Display Address Book nicknames instead of full names * Option to show a warning before messaging mobile users * Hide the audio/video status icon at the top of the user list * Message a specific screen name for people with multiple screen names Message window: * Tabbed chats, allowing you to keep all of your chats together in one window * Option to auto-accept text chats, skipping new message notification window * Show status changes directly in the message window * Disable the smiley button in text input lines * Option to open images sent through direct connect directly in Preview * Send away auto-reply only once per conversation * Save and restore window positions for individual screen names Other: * Unread message notification in the dock * Growl notifications for new messages and users changing status * Properly use ICQ accounts without sending text formatting in messages * Automatically set status to away when screensaver is activated * Option to auto-accept file transfers * Hide all iChat windows when iChat is inactive * Always on top option for user lists, text chats, and audio or video chats * Set a custom away auto-reply that is different from the away message * Change the delay of or disable auto-away * New message windows cascade properly instead of always appearing on top of each other * Built-in log viewer * Activity window shows history of user status changes * Warn before quitting while there are active chats * Option to disable pausing of AV chats while there are active file transfers * Disable picture-in-picture in video chats * Automatically reconnect when disconnected * Disable alert sounds when away, idle, or available


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