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September 2005

August 2005

Russell Beattie : AOL Rising

Maybe its because I now work at an Internet Portal and thus am more aware of these things, but it seems that AOL is making all the right moves lately to become a serious competitor to MSN and Yahoo!

April 2005

Le jour où notre disque dur aura disparu

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"Microsoft (MSN), à Google, à Yahoo!... Ces trois géants règnent sur le Web, où ils se livrent à une concurrence acharnée. Avec, chacun, l'ambition de devenir le portail Web unique et universel.

March 2005

ETech 2005 : Vertical Search and A9

"I was totally blown away by this talk when I attended it yesterday. This technology has lots of potential especially since it doesn't seem tied to Amazon in any way so MSN, Yahoo or Google could implement it as well."