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Adactio: Journal—Web! What is it good for?

The web has no gatekeepers. The web has no quality control. The web is a mess. The web is for everyone.





Understand The Web · Ben Ward

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There exists on the web a collective memory problem. It’s a famous fault in software engineers to instinctively favour reinvention over reuse, not just because they are unfamiliar with what came before, but because they misunderstand why it came before. This is a rule that is important to understand, so that it can be broken. It is not well understood, yet it is regularly broken.


Want to know if your ‘HTML application’ is part of the web? Link me into it. Not just link me to it; link me into it. Not just to the black-box frontpage. Link me to a piece of content. Show me that it can be crawled, show me that we can draw strands of silk between the resources presented in your app. That is the web: The beautiful interconnection of navigable content. If your website locks content away in a container, outside the reach of hyperlinks, you’re not building any kind of ‘web’ app. You’re doing something else.





Sam Ruby: Agile Web 2.0 Development

There is an interesting discussion going on between Tim (Bray) and Tim (O’Reilly) over the use of the term Web 2.0. I’m with Tim (O’Reilly) in that the term Web 2.0 is as relevant today as the term P2P was in 2001. And I’m with Tim (Bray) in that the term Web 2.0 will likely be as relevant in 2009 as the term P2P is today.

Whitespace : Ignoring the Hype Series

"This week I will be looking at five companies/websites that seem to get a lot of publicity yet do not "do it" for me. As bloggers there are times where we might get too caught up in the hype of something new maybe because it uses Ajax or some other cool technology or maybe just because it was made by someone that we all revere."

Futur du Web, rien à dire

"Quel est le futur du Web ? Comment vois-tu le Web dans le futur ? C'est une question qu'on me pose régulièrement. "

L'élément IMG, un peu d'histoire

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"Il y a quelques jours, j'ai eu une discussion à propos de l'histoire de l'élément IMG et de son introduction dans HTML. La discusssion a commencé avec une phrase qui m'a étonnée : « Tim-Berners Lee était opposé à la création de l'élément IMG. » Il est souvent bon de connaître la génèse de certains éléments et de replonger dans l'histoire."

Contagious Media Showdown

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Announcing the world's first Contagious Media Showdown. Le concours du site web le plus visité entre le 19 mai et le 9 juin prochain. Attention, le site web en question doit être : - nouveau, - génial, - hébergé sur le serveur du concours pendant la durée du concours.