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2009 – the Blog · "Techcrunch are full of shit"

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So do us a favour – if you see people spreading the rumour, refer them to this blog post and mention you heard from a friend that “Techcrunch are full of shit.”

TechCrunch - 25 Best Blogs 2009 - TIME

Launched by lawyer and tech investor Michael Arrington in 2005, TechCrunch became one of the world's most popular blogs by reporting on the movers and shakers of Silicon Valley. But take a look at the Valley these days: Nothing's moving. Nothing's shaking. Born of a boom that's long since gone bust, TechCrunch now seems irrelevant. Recent headlines such as " Hones In On Businesses With New Social Features" aren't helping. Stick a fork in this one — it's done.



Being TechCrunch with Knowledge » Wisdump

"TC tackles the Web 2.0 space and many would argue has become the definitive resource for all Web 2.0 news. The problem is that TC isn’t always accurate with its dissection of products. In fact, many times it’s a bit too obvious that the product/service/site that are being written about haven’t really even been reviewed at all."

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