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Announcing SVN Support - GitHub

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Un joli non poisson d'avril



rietveld - Google Code

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Subversion code review on App Engine with Django


Martin Ott

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Package subversion for OSX

Versions - Mac Subversion Client

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Versions is the first Mac OS X Subversion client that won't make you long for the command line interface anymore. Without over-simplifying the way Subversion is structured, Versions gives a clear overview and all the tools you'll need

A tester, j'en ai peur marre de svnX

Supprimer les dossiers .svn subversion

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find . -name '.svn' | xargs rm -rf est la commande en question ! Indispensable !



Tortoise SVN

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TortoiseSVN is a really easy-to-use version control / source control client under a GPL license, i.e it's free! Since it's not an integration for a specific IDE you can use it with whatever development tools you like.

Nautilus Scripts for Subversion

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You can right click on a subversion managed file or folder (you can also multiple select) and then select a command from the Subversion submenu.

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