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April 2005


ARC RDF/XML Parser creates an array of triples from RDF/XML. The functionality is limited, ARC is meant to stay lightweight.

March 2005

February 2005

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"It's a thought experiment embodied in software from Siderean, a company that creates faceted classification systems for big-ass enterprises."

Why Do Bad Ideas Keep Resurfacing?

"I wonder why people think that if you dress up an old idea with new buzzwords (*cough* folksonomies *cough* social tagging *cough*) that it somehow turns a bad old idea into a good new one?"

January 2005

SemWeb Papers

Short papers presented at Canadian Semantic Web Interest Group’s November meeting in Montreal (all PDFs):

December 2004

Petit guide pour flickr

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Utiliser les tags d'une façon intelligente. L'exemple de Karl sur Flickr.

September 2004

Tim Berners-Lee interview in Technology Review

Un must read. Il y explique bien les enjeux du web sémantique.

May 2004

April 2004

Présentation du Web Sémantique

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"une esquisse de plan de présentation des technologies du Web Sémantique pour un public d’informaticiens de grandes entreprises"

January 2004

Web sémantique, Opus 2

Ajouté dans ma ToRead list

December 2003


Tantek parle du markup sémantique et introduit XFN (Xhtml Friends Network), un foaf like en html.

September 2003

To the elegant web

Sémantiquement et typographiquement, le web est aujourd'hui encore immature ...

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