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May 2005

April 2005

On the new <canvas> HTML tag

"Thank you, little <canvas> tag, you'll be teaching a lot of lessons to a lot of people and you'll be making my rich-webapp-developer life easier."

Acid2: Lopping Off the Sideburns

David Hyatt : "At this point I am halting work on Acid2 until a revised test has been posted."

Mozilla Gains Canvas Element Support

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"support for the HTML canvas element has been checked in to Mozilla. This new element allows Web content providers to use scripting to draw arbitary bitmap graphics on to a designated area of a webpage"

Safari 1.3

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Available in 10.3.9. Update now.

March 2005

Pimp My Safari

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"Many excellent plugins for Safari have been developed, but because Safari doesn’t have an official ‘extension architecture’, many are unaware of these extensions. This is where PimpMySafari comes in – a resource for the pimping of your copy of Safari no less!"

February 2005

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June 2003

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