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March 2006

February 2006

Sam Ruby: Mr Safe

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Syndication War is back :)

October 2005

Yet Another RSS History

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Great conclusion. "There was no RSS. No syndication wars. No-one had to deal with doubly-escaped content and silent data loss. There was no need for any new format for business cards, calendars, blogs, link lists, reviews, pet profiles."

September 2005

August 2005

phil ringnalda dot com: Google News feeds: meh

"Yay, Google News now has RSS and Atom feeds. But, boo, they have RSS and Atom feeds. Both. With no real reason to choose between them: both have heinous escaped table-and-font HTML as the only content, both have escaped numeric character references in the titles "

July 2005

The Hegelian dialectic of syndication formats

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"All over the blogospherihelion, notable beardies are proclaiming RSS 2.0 as the Thesis, RSS 1.0 the Antithesis, and Atom 1.0 as the Synthesis. And it does, you have to admit if you actually read the spec appear pretty much that way. Hussah."

May 2005

April 2005

Gmail adds feed reading

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"there's a new feature in Gmail called Web Clips, which displays little headlines above your inbox or message and is fed via, um, feeds."