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Dare Obasanjo aka Carnage4Life - Some Thoughts on the Open Web Foundation


In truth there is already an organization dedicated to producing "Open" Web technologies that has a well thought out policy on membership, governance, sponsorship and intellectual property rights that isn't pay to play. This is not a new organization, it actually happens to be older than David Recordon who unveiled the Open Web Foundation.

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antecipate: An IM game of Go

In spite of their desire to make us believe that something truly revolutionary had been achieved, Microsoft and Yahoo! have only managed to set the foundation for a larger IM island. A 350 millions inhabitants’ continent perhaps, but an island still.


XML au cœur des suites Office

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Moins de deux semaines après l'annonce de la promulgation, par le consortium OASIS, du format OpenDocument au rang de standard, Microsoft annonce à son tour un nouveau format, Office Open XML, pour sa prochaine version d'Office.

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