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January 2006

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October 2005

MSN Backstage, l'équipe

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September 2005

August 2005

Russell Beattie : AOL Rising

Maybe its because I now work at an Internet Portal and thus am more aware of these things, but it seems that AOL is making all the right moves lately to become a serious competitor to MSN and Yahoo!

April 2005

Le jour où notre disque dur aura disparu

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"Microsoft (MSN), à Google, à Yahoo!... Ces trois géants règnent sur le Web, où ils se livrent à une concurrence acharnée. Avec, chacun, l'ambition de devenir le portail Web unique et universel.

MSN To Build Tabbed Browsing Into IE

.MSN are currently developing a next generation version of their popular MSN Toolbar Suite. The updated version will include an implementation of tabbed browsing allowing users of IE6 without Windows XP SP2 (& IE7) to benefit from tabbed browsing in Internet Explorer.

March 2005

ETech 2005 : Vertical Search and A9

"I was totally blown away by this talk when I attended it yesterday. This technology has lots of potential especially since it doesn't seem tied to Amazon in any way so MSN, Yahoo or Google could implement it as well."

February 2005

January 2005

December 2004

MSN Toolbar Suite Beta

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Tueur de google ?

June 2003


Microsoft lance officiellement son crawler

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