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08 December 2005

07 December 2005

05 December 2005

30 April 2005

What blogs are vs What they are not

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Doc Searls' keynote at Les Blogs 2005

27 April 2005

NevOn: RSS feed hijack!

A very peculiar thing with the RSS feeds for some of the blogs that I read has happened since yesterday.

26 April 2005

Les Blogs by Guido van Nispen

Black & White pictures from the Les Blogs Conference in Paris on 25 April

Panels are Dead

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"For me that is. I'm sitting here at a conference that I flew all the way to Paris for.. for two days, and damned if it isn't full of panels, broadcast mode all the way, telling the audience how it is. And well.. it's so freaking undynamic. "

Wifi mess

As soon as a blogger wants to share a bunch of photos with his friends (200 people worldwide), he uses flickr. 10 photos, 300 ko each, using a basic ADSL line (1024/256) = 1 min 30 during which wifi is messy. Well there are 250 bloggers down there ...

[Cup Of Tea] Blog

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Le blog de joël ronez. Communication, Internet et autres babioles…

600 signes

Ce blog couvrira l’évènement Blogs and social sofware (25 avril 2005 Paris) uniquement avec des billets de 600 signes pile (espaces compris).

L'économie de la blogosphère

"On a parlé d'économie lors de la conférence sur les blogs au Sénat: au sein des panels, dans les coulisses, autour d'un verre, une mignardise à la main et parfois sans le savoir."

14 March 2005

Internet 2.0 : Blogs and Social Software

Une conférence où irait bien chicrotter l'équipe de Quoi, on a même pas été conviés à causer ? ;-)

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