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Netvibes: Web Developer: PHP

Netvibes is hiring a PHP developer to work on the Netvibes widget platform.


Web Developer : Javascript

Netvibes is hiring 2 web developers to work on UWA, the widget technology from Netvibes.

Web Developer : PHP/Javascript

Netvibes is hiring 2 web developers to work on the Netvibes widget platform.

Leaving Yahoo!, going freelance

Simon Willison leaving Yahoo!



offre d'emploi

Recherche intégrateur html/css et développeur php/mysql, à l'aise avec Photoshop et plutôt au fait des standards du web. Des connaissances en Flash serait un plus. Mission plutôt sympathique d'1 à 2 mois (en stage, CDD ou freelance) pour la société

ongoing · It’s Not Dangerous

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"Ten Reasons Why Blogging is Good For Your Career"

Technorati censoring employee blogs?

For a company that relies on aggregating content by scraping full posts from almost 8 million blogs, vetting their employees' personal writing seems like a curious

Doing as a full-time job

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I recently quit my web design gig and -- as of today -- will be working on as my full-time job. And I need your help.

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