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HTTP/2.0 - The IETF is Phoning It In - ACM Queue

History has shown overwhelmingly that if you want to change the world for the better, you should deliver good tools for making it better, not policies for making it better. I recommend that anybody with a voice in this matter turn their thumbs down on the HTTP/2.0 draft standard: It is not a good protocol and it is not even good politics.




Blog Stéphane Bortzmeyer: Science & Vie et la table rase

Le numéro de Science & Vie de décembre 2008. contient un article intitulé "Internet au bord de l'explosion". L'article explique que ce n'est que par miracle que l'Internet continue de fonctionner et qu'il est nécessaire de faire table rase de tout ce qui existe pour bâtir, en partant de zéro, un réseau "meilleur".

La principal caractéristique de l'article est le ton sensationnaliste, traditionnel avec le Paris-Match de la science. "Une naïveté confondante", "Déjà un quart des ordinateurs dans le monde serait détourné par des hackers [sic]", "Le Net est une démo inachevée qui ne survit que grâce à des rustines", voici quelque uns des sous-titres de cet article. Ces titres devraient suffire, même aux gens qui ne connaissent pas Internet, pour juger du sérieux de l'article.


Dare Obasanjo aka Carnage4Life - Some Thoughts on the Open Web Foundation


In truth there is already an organization dedicated to producing "Open" Web technologies that has a well thought out policy on membership, governance, sponsorship and intellectual property rights that isn't pay to play. This is not a new organization, it actually happens to be older than David Recordon who unveiled the Open Web Foundation.

Emphasis mine.




> Today we released Jingle, a set of XMPP extensions for negotiating peer-to-peer multimedia sessions between Jabber clients. The first session type is Jingle Audio, which will enable voice over IP (VoIP) on the Jabber network.

Sam Ruby: Two Years

... ago today, the Pie wiki was created. During that period, we had interminable naming discussions, a lengthy process of selecting a standards body, endless discussion on dates, and a last call.

Atom : Last and final consensus pronouncement

"The initial phase of the WG's work in designing the Atompub data format specification is finished over, pining for the fjords, etc. Please everyone reach around and pat yourselves on the back, I think the community will generally view this as a fine piece of work."

IETF Last Call on the Atom Format

"This is a milestone: the IETF Atompub Working Group thinks we’re mostly finished with the Atom Syndication Format, and our Area Director has put the draft out for last call IETF-wide."


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last version of the Atom Syndication Format

A Concise Guide to the Major Internet Bodies

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The bodies responsible for the Internet's protocols and parameters can be said to steer the Internet in a significant sense. This document is a summary of those bodies and their most important characteristics.

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