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21 June 2005 08:45

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17 May 2005 10:30

07 May 2005 11:00

Joseph Scott » Solving The Via Problem

"Being able to link to other pages on the web is one of the things that makes the web work. Citing where the page where your found a link is something of a sub-trend with the explosion of blogging."

07 May 2005 09:45

ryan king » hVia

"The problem we want to deal with are ‘Via links’ (also called Hat Tips). These are the links at the end of a blog entry that give credit to someone for providing the information to the blogger."

30 April 2005 08:30


by 2 others (via)
"hReview is a simple distributed review format suitable for embedding in (X)HTML, Atom, RSS, and arbitrary XML."

16 December 2003 07:45


Tantek parle du markup sémantique et introduit XFN (Xhtml Friends Network), un foaf like en html.