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DENG - The Modular XML Browser Engine - CSS 3 plus XHTML, SVG, XForms, XFrames, RSS and more

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DENG is an award-winning, open source Modular XML Browser, capable of rendering subsets of XHTML, SVG, XForms, XFrames, arbitrary XML (e.g. RSS) and any other custom XML application, styled by CSS 3.


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A resource for web developers, designers and entrepreneurs


<style> in an age of HTML fragments

> O brave new world of syndication, where the best way to turn a character big and red is with &lt;font size="+2" color="red"> and the best way to center text in a table cell is with align="center".

Zeldman redesigns

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"François Padawan adopte le port du bonnet de schtroumpf conforme W3C." Clean !

An experiment with INS and DEL

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"In what, lately, is almost becoming a regular series, I've put together an experiment. This time in presenting INS and DEL."

Pif devBlog

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"Je me suis enfin décidé à ouvrir un devBlog. Vous découvrirez mon portfolio, ainsi que différents tutoriaux faits maison ou adaptés de tutos existants sur FLASH, SPIP, PHP, CSS, HTML ..."

Aardvark Firefox Extension

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The Aardvark Firefox extension is a tool for web developers/designers as well as casual users.

Nice Titles in GreaseMonkey

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"In response to a request on the GreaseMonkey Wiki and with the kind permission of Stuart Langridge I've ported Nice Titles to GreaseMonkey"

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experiments with DHTML, PHP, CSS, XML, ASSEMBLY ...


Les Portes Coulissantes de CSS.

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Traduction de l'article de Doug Bowman


Mini-Tab Shapes

Des nouvelles Mini-tabs CSS très originales