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17 July 2005 21:30

An interview with the people who designed the Optimus keyboard

Not just a concept, it will exist in a year or so for a cost of 200-300$

15 July 2005 11:00

15 July 2005 09:45

Technorati woes and alternatives

François "Padawan" taille un costard un à Technorati et c'est bien normal.

13 July 2005 11:15

The Technorati Lottery

"First, I use the manual ping page, then about an hour later I use the manual ping page again. Then I use a quick bash script I wrote to call the XML-RPC ping interface. Then I wait another 24 hours. Then I jump into IRC and harass Kevin Marks personally until my site gets indexed."

14 June 2005 23:30 has been acquired by yahoo!

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"the sale of has been completed, and i'm proud to announce that yahoo! has acquired the service. as of right now, give or take a few minutes, yahoo! is running"

09 June 2005 18:15

Wikiproxy Greasemonkey script

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The script parses any web page you're looking at for likely 'Proper Noun Phrases' - these are then passed to a PHP script that returns those matches that actually exist as titles in the English Wikipedia, so that they can be turned into hyperlinks.

17 May 2005 08:00

16 May 2005 23:30

Nelson's Weblog: tech / good / flickrClient

Nelson about the python flickrClient : "I love how simple and Pythonic this is." "68 method Flickr API in 48 lines of Python"

16 May 2005 19:30

13 May 2005 09:30


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It is just a name. I got the idea to change the name of the board game "Monopoly" to "Blog-log-poly" and then to "Blog-poly".

11 May 2005 14:45

BBC Backstage

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" is the BBC's new developer network, providing content feeds for anyone to build with. Alternatively, share your ideas on new ways to use BBC content. This is your BBC. We want to help you play." Waow, this rocks !

10 May 2005 16:30

Dive Into Greasemonkey

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Dive Into Greasemonkey is a book about programming with Greasemonkey, a Firefox extension for customizing web pages.

27 April 2005 18:15

14 April 2005 21:00

Gmail adds feed reading

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"there's a new feature in Gmail called Web Clips, which displays little headlines above your inbox or message and is fed via, um, feeds."

10 April 2005 10:45


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Flickr, without the Flash

07 April 2005 10:45

D*I*Y Planner 2.0

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The D*I*Y Planner is a set of free do-it-yourself templates, covers, documentation and other gear for creating your own highly customised and tweakable paper planner system.

31 March 2005 10:30

Transparent screen at 6A

Transparent screen header with Anil Dash on the SixApart developer network

30 March 2005 18:30

flickRate - Ratings for flickr photos

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"This is an attempt to give flickr the rating system that can be found for example on"

21 March 2005 18:15 API

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"We're proud to announce the first release of our API. It's an implementation of the Atom API so i'ts pure HTTP + XML. In fact, Building an Atom enabled linkblog service was the first motivation in the project."

17 March 2005 16:00

Making sure pop-ups are click fraud

Here's my lazyweb request: a Firefox extension that works like the standard pop-up blocker, with one difference — it clicks through.

17 March 2005 09:00

Ajax, promise or hype?

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the concept seems to be taking the Web development community by storm. This can mean one of two things: either it's a promise or it's a hype. To decide the case, I offer an annotated link dump.

16 March 2005 16:45

The Acid2 challenge to Microsoft

To the Web community I want to say: Microsoft has now been challenged. They will respond, if enough people remind them of the challenge. Please remind them. And, when IE 7 is released, make sure this is the first thing you type into it:

16 March 2005 08:15


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Tom Dobrowolski's multi-platform collaborative text editor. A free Windows/Linux concurrent to SubEthaEdit

14 March 2005 16:45

A New Butler For Jonas

Furthermore, suppose the tool were well commented, and structured in such a way that people who have even the most tenuous grasp on the concepts of HTML could reasonably modify it to remove the links and content that they don’t want, and add or reorder the links that they do want?