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Monitor: Stay on target | The Economist

Computing: Software that disables bits of your computer to make you more productive sounds daft, but may help keep distractions at bay





Bla-bla List

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Lists without any blah blah! Secure, simple, sharable to-do lists.


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"Greasemonkey script to try to force yourself to only surf the web with a purpose."


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all your tasks are belong to you

PHP Cheat Sheet

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The PHP cheat sheet is designed to be printed on an A4 sheet of paper and live by a developers desk, to make life a bit easier.


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Computers make us more productive. Yeah, right. Lifehacker recommends the downloads, web sites and shortcuts that actually save time.

D*I*Y Planner 2.0

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The D*I*Y Planner is a set of free do-it-yourself templates, covers, documentation and other gear for creating your own highly customised and tweakable paper planner system.


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Popular topics on 43 Folders include: * productivity and time management practices * Macintosh OS X software * Life Hacks and other smart heuristics * Any cool ideas that help people to: o accomplish their goals o route around bad behaviors (or replace them with good ones) o reduce stress o find (or make) the time to do things they enjoy

43 Folders: Five fast email productivity tips

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There’s been a lot of great discussions about email productivity going around on sites I enjoy, so I thought I’d throw in five no-brainers that I’ve seen help a lot of folks.

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