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Jean Boiteux Is Surfing Le Web

Premier médaillé d'or aux JO de la natation française (400m nage libre-Helsinki-1952), je suis désormais retraité des bassins et coule des jours heureux, passant l'essentiel de mon temps libre devant mon ordinateur.


Techcrunch » Flock Ditches Shadows Bookmarking Service

And Shadows, which we note seems to have a 20 second load time this evening, enters the TechCrunch DeadPool.

One competitor off. I hope Mike Arrington will not come on Blogmarks when it does have a 20second load time :-p

Caffeine Lab

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Wanted to destroy something beautiful

> So if we have to, we will destroy Flock.


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erwan loisant

Bookmarking APIs in Flock

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> Hi Gang, I think we’re getting to the point where I feel comfortable starting to show off our social bookmarking extensibility API.

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