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Thunder in the Cloud Over Openness

Je comprends pas vraiment ce que c'est l'Open Cloud mais je blogmark, ca doit sûrement être cool :-)

Bits or pieces?: Wide of the mark ...

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I firmly and absolutely believe in choice for users and the creation of competitive markets and ecosystems. Users and providers should not be limited to a proprietary framework or any single source.

Ma.gnolia Suffers Major Data Loss, Site Taken Offline

Dans les les commentaires, à propos de l'usage du mot 'Cloud' à tout va:

how is this considered cloud computing?!

this is a simple web site that had its web server + data storage fucked. if they contracted all these things out to say amazon s3 or ec2, then we could call this cloud where it's more of an enterprise game (and basically them renting compute and storage in a big hunking datacenter somewhere with some makeup that you don't know about). there's nothing wrong with cloud, don't confuse the issue...


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Insult, berate and make fun of any company that offers you something like a “sharing” site that makes you push stuff in that you can’t make copies out of or which you can’t export stuff out of. They will burble about technology issues. They are fucking lying.


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