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May 2005

Folksonomy e tag: i siti imperdibili

Al motto di "enlarge your bookmarks" ecco una variazione di che fonde il social bookmarking con il mondo dei blog e offre alcune funzionalità interessanti.

March 2005

Internet 2.0 : Blogs and Social Software

Une conférence où irait bien chicrotter l'équipe de Quoi, on a même pas été conviés à causer ? ;-)

Mehr Suchfelder für Opera

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Plugins de recherche Opera pour, Spurl, Zniff, Technorati, Technorati et ..

Tag Boom

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"I feel the 'tag issue' dabate is explosing early this year 2005."

February 2005

On hybridised RSS feeds as evidence of a need for weblog refactoring...

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Tom Coates on mixed feeds : "I really think (hotlinks) needs only to be abstracted into a more generic service to take over the world."

January 2005

Clarifying tags

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explanations by Kevin Marks from technorati. "The assumption the technorati spider makes is that the last path component of the url is the tag" Neat :)