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April 2006

Sidebar Link Blog | 2006-04-20 | BitWorking

we must convert Joe Gregorio to when bm2 and atom 1.0 support will be available

January 2006

Blogmarks to Html conversion

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Feuille XSL pour transformer le fil atom de Blogmarks en code html et lui donner la même présentation que dans Hot Links.

June 2005

May 2005

March 2005 API

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"We're proud to announce the first release of our API. It's an implementation of the Atom API so i'ts pure HTTP + XML. In fact, Building an Atom enabled linkblog service was the first motivation in the project."

February 2005

Atom Category construct

<category scheme="" term="/Arts/Animation/" label="Animation" />

January 2005

May 2004

How to make a linkblog in Atom

I paid Mark so that he write this entry