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30 July 2005 08:45


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Gregarius is a web-based RSS/RDF/ATOM feed aggregator, designed to run on your web server, allowing you to access your news sources from wherever you want.

28 July 2005 18:15

Bizarre Atom Advice

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"In Atomic RSS, Tim Bray suggests the way to get into Atom is to use RSS 2.0. But if you follow his instructions, you’ll have done virtually everything needed to create an Atom feed. So here’s an alternative strategy: use Atom. "

28 July 2005 11:00

21 July 2005 16:45

20 July 2005 17:00

19 July 2005 09:00

18 July 2005 21:30

The Hegelian dialectic of syndication formats

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"All over the blogospherihelion, notable beardies are proclaiming RSS 2.0 as the Thesis, RSS 1.0 the Antithesis, and Atom 1.0 as the Synthesis. And it does, you have to admit if you actually read the spec appear pretty much that way. Hussah."

18 July 2005 09:00

17 July 2005 21:30

15 July 2005 09:45

24 June 2005 00:15

20 June 2005 23:45

16 June 2005 15:15

Sam Ruby: Two Years

... ago today, the Pie wiki was created. During that period, we had interminable naming discussions, a lengthy process of selecting a standards body, endless discussion on dates, and a last call.

11 June 2005 16:15

27 May 2005 08:15

Feed Your Reader

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Feed Your Reader allows you to use the RSS Autodiscovery in firefox to launch external aggregators,

Nick Bradbury: River of News

"Dave Winer recommends that RSS aggregators adopt a River of News approach to displaying information, and I have to admit that it is a nice - and fast - way to scan items from many feeds. In fact, it's similar to how I use FeedDemon."

Atom : Last and final consensus pronouncement

"The initial phase of the WG's work in designing the Atompub data format specification is finished over, pining for the fjords, etc. Please everyone reach around and pat yourselves on the back, I think the community will generally view this as a fine piece of work."

25 May 2005 16:15

16 May 2005 11:30

Mozilla Service

Robert Sayre : "I added OPML export to Mozilla Thunderbird today. Next up, IETF Atom support." Oh yeah :)

08 May 2005 15:00

07 May 2005 14:45

30 April 2005 13:00

Neutrino XML - all your feeds in one file.

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A Neutrino feed is a collection of pointers to other syndication feeds - say, a blog, Flickr and - all of which belong to one individual.

29 April 2005 09:45

Atom Enclosures supported by NetNewsWire

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Brent Simmons: "Atom enclosures (as specified in the 0.8 draft) are now supported."

22 April 2005 21:45

21 April 2005 10:00

Stopdesign | Feedburning

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Douglas Bowman explain why he's now using Feedburning service. I personnaly still think it's not a good behavior.