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21 April 2005

Le jour où notre disque dur aura disparu

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"Microsoft (MSN), à Google, à Yahoo!... Ces trois géants règnent sur le Web, où ils se livrent à une concurrence acharnée. Avec, chacun, l'ambition de devenir le portail Web unique et universel.

16 April 2005

BBC Radio podcasts 20 more shows

The BBC is making 20 more radio shows available for listeners to download onto their digital music players.

12 April 2005

Turning the web into 'sushi belts'

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"The way people find websites, blogs, and other content they like on the net is changing."

03 April 2005

Picking Up Where Search Leaves Off

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Un article de Business Week sur les tags.

31 March 2005

Ben Hammersley: Second Sight

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Yahoo is the new Google. Google is the new Yahoo. Up is down, and black is white. This spring has been very strange.

23 March 2005

I'll show you mine...

Phil Gyford wrote an article about Flickr for the BBC News Magazine

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