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19 April 2006


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decide what web2.0 sites are great

18 April 2006

web2.0 Lists

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Shows whats hot on the web2.0

17 April 2006

web2.0 Awards

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Awards of different services online

15 April 2006

Popular web2.0 software online

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Tools, Applications found online using web2.0

14 April 2006

Tag Viewer

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See what tags is hot online

Intenet Evolution Thought

Yet another interesting read on they they internet suddenly changed the way we look at it.

My Web Desktop Page

Amazing just amazing, and I didn't have to code much!!!

Tips On \"Web Desktop\" Management

Tips to how "Web Desktops" be manage, to give you an idea on some senerios.

Web 2.0 Reinventing the Wheel

This tries and does good job at it, saying Web2.0 is reinventing the wheel!

13 April 2006

Web Desktops Reviewed

Most appealling web desktops reviewed

TechCruch:Web Desktops

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Reviews various web desktops


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Personal Web Desktop

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