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August 2006

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Nice chat add-on

July 2006

TagClick: ガイド



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A very cool Flash-based badge that allows you to display your Flickr photo stream.

June 2006

Ryan J Lowe’s Dev Blog » Blog Archive » LITBox

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LITBox 2.0 has just been released. This version of LITBox is basically a few modifications of Thickbox made into a Prototype class based off of the Scriptaculous.

Home : BackLinkr makes displaying your backlinks fast and simple! (-)

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Backlink widget settings: body size and thumshots. "BackLinkr shows who's linking to your site. Use BackLinkr to add backlinks to your site today!" 'Snappy' Exchange

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Increase your traffic today with the blogger 'Snappy' exchange. Display blog 'Snappy' on your website and earn credits for your 'Snappy' displays.

MajikWidget // Necessary Widgets for Blogs

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MajikWidget is a web-based service that allows you to enhance your blog or web sites visitor experience. We create and host a library of individual widgets that can be easily configured and added to your blog or site.

May 2006

TalkEz - pops!'iT

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Audio commenting service to add to blogs


How to put an OPod on your site No more uploading! Just edit your site template and insert the following snippet <script type="text/javascript"> var initUrl = 'http://url.of.file/you/would/like/to/include.opml'; </script> <script type="text/javascript"


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Tag friends and associates to create contextual relationships. Combine your blog, photo hosting, and RSS feeds. Promote yourself and discover people with similar interests. Start by creating an account or logging in with TypeKey, searching by tag, or expl