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November 2009

Socialize, Connect, Share and Promote using Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, Yahoo and Open ID var gaJsHost = ((

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Authenticate users in two clicks. Socialize makes it easy for any site to implement Facebook Connect, MySpaceID, Sign In With Twitter, Gmail, Yahoo! mail and AOL mail as identity providers. Using Gigya Socialize can increase registrations by as much as 300%. Also has a multi socialbookmark button

October 2009

Create a Google Talk chatback badge

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A Google Talk chatback badge will let visitors to your web page chat with you. Online WordPress Widget Builder

an easy way for you to turn your code into a widget.

September 2009

Dapper: The Data Mapper

Get any content from the Web - supports many formats Search for existing content feeds and web services

Chameleon Color Picker

bookmarklet for forms or script to copy

August 2009

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June 2009

Free Website Translation and Online Free Translator

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free translation tool that anybody can implement on his website in order to give those who stumble upon it a chance to read it in their own languages. More than 40 different languages are actually supported, and these even include simplified and traditional Chinese along with Greek and Russian.


mingle all your feeds into one to produce a combined RSS, Atom, JSON and a widget

Google Web Elements

Google Web Elements allow you to easily add your favorite Google products onto your own website.

April 2009

Digsby = IM Email Social Networks

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AIM, MSN, Yahoo, ICQ, Google Talk, Jabber, and Facebook Chat Accounts. Manage notification Hotmail, Gmail, Yahoo Mail, AOL/AIM Mail, IMAP, and POP accounts. SHows Facebook, Twitter, MySpace and LinkedIn

photoZoom(r) - High Res Photo Albums

photozoomr provides a platform to present high resolution images in the web. DRag and drop, zoom

SIMILE Widgets | Runway

This widget lets you display images in a rich interactive visualization similar to that of Apple iTunes known as Cover Flow. It is a Flash-based implementation.

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