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July 2006


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Simple project management. Wridea helps you manage your projects easily. Create pages for your projects, and categorize your to-do items.

June 2006

teamslide: Remote-controlled Web Presentations

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Perform live web presentations Show them your slides in their browser - while speaking to them on the phone. Completely cross-platform No plug-ins, no Java, no Flash. A pure AJAX web application. Easy to use Clean, uncluttered screen wi

Welcome to ZING!!

ZING lets you discover, play, and collect music wherever you go, whenever you want. ZING gives you the freedom to stay tuned.

May 2006


by 30 others is a simple tool that simplifies the process of compressing and sending your files online. isn't a replacement for the traditional desktop compression tools, but its just a tool that makes things easier by cutting down all the 'krunching'

News Alloy : Web Based Feed Reader, Mobile Feed Reader

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What makes News Alloy unique is easy and intuitive interface and unbeatable speed comparable to desktop applications due to javascript based GUI.

Alesti RSS Reader

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Alesti is a simple, user-friendly, free “Web 2.0” feed reader. All known feed formats like RSS and Atom are supported. You can import and export OPML files which contain feed collections. Since Alesti is web based you can keep track of your personal s

by 4 others is the newest, easiest and most flexible way for families, Individuals and couples to manage their personal finances foo nance .com is the newest, easiest and most flexible way for families, Individuals and couples to manage th

April 2006

Bantu Secure Instant Messaging – Anywhere, Anytime

Bantu IM Server provides the convenience, control and contextually relevant communications that make IM so vital to daily operations, and its Web-based client enables you to IM from virtually any device and any location:

teamslide: Remote-controlled Web Presentations

Web-based presentaion app. requiers PHP4-5 and works in any modern browser

Montastic: the free website monitoring service

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With Montastic, you monitor all your websites and watch them change color as they go up or down.