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Blursoft MetaForum

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Ajax enabled forum: Blursoft MetaForum sprang from a need that simply was not being filled by any other forum software. We concentrated on the user, not the system. We maximized the efficiency of the click-economy. You shouldn't need to go 12...

Blursoft MetaForum

Ajax enabled forum: Blursoft MetaForum sprang from a need that simply was not being filled by any other forum software. We concentrated on the user, not the system. We maximized the efficiency of the click-economy. You shouldn't need to go 12... Blurso

What is Wikio? Definitely web 2.0 but what?

I've heard the words 'social bookmark', 'digg', 'technorati' mentioned in articles about Wikio but I find it quite different:

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The considered best web2.0 software should be listed here...

Zimbra - Home

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It's an open source server and client system for enterprise messaging and collaboration email, contacts, and group calendaring. It has open APIs and a lot of potential for mashups. I was very impressed, desktop type interface with filders and tags.

Project collaboration, management, and task software: Basecamp

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project collaboration tool message boards, to-do lists, simple scheduling, collaborative writing, and file sharing. It garners a lot of buzz from

Blog Keyword Visualizer beta | So-net

Blog keyword visualizer for windows(BETA)

PointCast Network (tm) micro-communities, now in broadband

Java start app. Pointcast Network micro-communities, now in broadband' is your portal to communities including technology, music, games, video and more on a fast, rich user interface. Not only can you add your current groups to your favorites list, you can also add favorite authors (members). You can: * Blog or post your ideas, comments, thoughts, etc. * Create your list of favorite communities or start your own community. * View and comment on the blogs of your friends, clubs, favorite writers/members and more. * Check out our editor's picks on a daily basis. * Get a variety of live news feeds, including video. * All without exposing your e-mail to SPAMMERS!!

Revelations: FolkMind – a killer app for the Web 2.0 era

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...To me the new killer app for the Internet should help me in working at any levels of abstraction. The higher the abstraction, the more volume of complexity and data I can handle. Also at any level of abstraction, I should be able to navigate between concepts that are visible at that level and observe new connections that were not apparent to me at a different abstraction. And when I want to dig deeper, it should help me in exploring more on that subject. At the lowest level of abstraction, it would resemble a browser. The mass of the content that is on the Internet will still be on HTML, which is doing a good job of capturing presentation information, and a browser is suitable to view this. In short this application should act as a seamless extension to mind and help me in generating ideas by creating new connection between concepts about which I have little or no previous knowledge by leveraging the collective intelligence of humanity.

Under the Radar

Under the Radar is a weblog and conference series tracking early stage technology innovation,


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mabber makes Instant Messaging even more simple and more useful. mabber integrates ICQ, MSN, AIM, Yahoo and Jabber in one web browser-based instant messager


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We're busy working on a new system for communicating on the internet -- something we like to call "instant grouping." We know that's not a lot to go on, but if you're intrigued please enter your email below and we'll keep you posted.

Jamendo : Open your ears

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jamendo is a new model for artists to promote, publish, and be paid for their music. user-rating, tagging, tag-clouds, RSS feeds, forums and every Web 2.0 feature and lot of languages.


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Askeet is a community based Q&A repository. Anyone can post a question about any subject, or answer an existing question. Registration and use are completely free. If you need an answer, ask your question, register to its RSS feed of answers, and just wait until your news aggregator pops out with an answer. Questions and answers can be rated, so that the most interesting questions and the most useful answers come first. If you have knowledge to share, pay askeet a visit from time to time, you might even earn some money.

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