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Pibb: Stay in the Loop

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Pibb combines the best features of instant messenger, chat, email, and bulletin boards. * Messages are delivered instantly, or can be retrieved later * New threads are stored and searchable like email or bulletin board * Start public channels about your favorite subjects * Use private channels to communicate with groups or your social network * Send private messages to your friends * Pibb will notify you when you have new messages



Twitter: A Whole World in Your Hands

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<h2 align="left"><font size="3">A global community of friends and strangers communicating.</font></h2>

Jaiku | Home

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Get an overview of the latest updates from your contacts and add comments.<br>


Simple good task manager with live chat.


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Combining instant messaging with RSS. Publish from your Messaging spftware. All it takes to get started is to add a contact to your instant messaging account.


Watch and chat with people as they work and play on their computers! These live VNC broadcasts of your computer screen can be used to give demos/tutorials, receive tips in real-time as you work, and even find a job by impressing potential employers with your daily work.

Yuku - Free Hosted Blogs, Message Boards and MORE!

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Yuku is profiles, image sharing, blogs and discussion boards community like MySpace but looks nicer and with Ajax effects.


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ShopWiki is a shopping search engine that indexes retail products from thousands of online merchants. ShopWiki is not a store and does not sell anything. The purpose of the site is to help consumers find the products they are looking for online with ease. If you add ShopWiki to your buddy list, you can do plain text searches through AOL Instant Messenger.

MontRED Blog » Blog Archive » Your Corner: A Place to Interact

a simple Ajax chat widget that allows people to leave notes.

Mapable Home - social activities on a map

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Mapable is the place where you can find common online social activities placed on a map. Our first initiative is 'Mapable Chat'. Many more cool map-based services are set to arrive here soon.

Welcome To Hive7

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Hive 7 is a cool new, DHTML/ Ajax-based virtual chat world. You can see your 2D avatar sharing a room with others and hit return to type something on the screen...


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Mobber's patent-pending software shows you who's on a particular web page, allowing you to chat with them privately or in a group. We make the web a two-way real-time medium. Can be embeded in a web page


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We're busy working on a new system for communicating on the internet -- something we like to call "instant grouping." We know that's not a lot to go on, but if you're intrigued please enter your email below and we'll keep you posted.

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