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Coghead - Simple is Powerful

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A simple, powerful new way to create web-based business applications that can be used by anyone, anytime, anywhere!

ePassportPhoto - the Internet passport photo booth - make free passport photos online from digital images

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ePassportPhoto is the Internet passport photos booth. They are accepted for your real passport and will look much better when printed on a 4x6" (10x15 cm) glossy sheet

Welcome to

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Web postits you can drag and drop and send to mobiles.

Website-ID :: Website identification key

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The website-id code is a unique way to mark and recognize your website thanks to a standardized code that you will paste on your html homepage. is dedicated to your website's visibility among the multibillions webpages indexed by the best search engines.

Laszlo Application: Enhanced search

Rich internet application demo: Advanced search engine with iimages.

Laszlo Contacts

A Web contact management application with functionality and an intuitive user interface that are typically found only in desktop contact management applications. Looks like windows98 desktop app.

Laszlo Application: components

This demo shows generic functionality of applications developed on the OpenLaszlo platform, and the default user interface components.

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Online chat service for MSN Yahoo...