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CAIDA : tools

The CAIDA Tools site contains CAIDA tools and software as well as a taxonomy of available research and visualization tools. Some are online tools

My Visualizations | Information Is Beautiful

Browse some of my visualisations, infographics and diagrams.

SIMILE Widgets | Exhibit

Exhibit lets you easily create interactive web pages with advanced text search and filtering functionalities, with interactive maps, timelines, and other visualizations...


walk2web - Walk. Explore. Have Fun ;)

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Walk the web, Very interesting web application: enter a URL and it will show you a treemap of related links, a preview along with commenting, voting, add tags...


Websites as graphs - an HTML DOM Visualizer Applet

Websites as graphs is an HTML DOM visualizer applet that represents HTML elements of a website in different colors. For example all hyperlinks are blue and it's animated! After entering a URL and punching "Show me the Graph" you can see the flower grow.


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Search statistics through Google and watch it move with Gapminder. Google Subscribed Links makes it possible to search deep into Gapminder's moving graphs visualizing world development.

Food Category Explorer

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elect a category from the dropdown, and the underlying images will change to reflect the types of foods within that category. Then search for foods in any of the following ways: elect a category from the dropdown, and the underlying images will change

Exxon Secrets

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An interactive flash tools to view relations

Delicious Mind Map Maker

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This program will make a Clustered Mind Map out of your delicious entries and add the map to the list.

Tagnautica - Explore the Flickr Tag Space

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Tagnautica is an experimental navigation tool built to explore the space of related Flickr tags. Type in one start tag, confirm with the [Enter] key and dive into tag space. When there are no related tags found the cursor will reappear - type in a new tag and start over. Click in the center to see the images labelled with the shown tag.

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