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2009 - create animated gifs online from video or pictures for free

# Create an Animated Gif # Convert Video to Gif # Split an Animated Gif # Resize Image

Recordr | Video Communication

Recordr is a way you record yourself live just with a microphone and a web camera, and share it with your friends. By using our bookmarklet, you can also comment with video/audio to a web page you are viewing. - Search FREE music downloads! Convert YouTube videos to downloadable mp3s!

Video to MP3 conversion service on the internet! Enter a search term and click "fetch", it couldn't be easier!

Screenr - Create screencasts and screen recordings the easy way

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Screenr is a web-based tool that lets you create screencasts without installing any software. You just click the record button and your screen activity is recorded along with narration from your microphone. Screenr then publishes your screencast in high-definition Flash format. Screenr makes it easy to share your screencast on Twitter, YouTube or anywhere else on the web. Even iPhone users can view your screencast.

VUVOX - slideshows, photo, video and music sharing, Myspace codes

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VUVOX gives you the power to create one of a kind stories in an instant. All you need to do is provide whatever cool content that you have. Take pictures, video, audio and text. Mix it up. Choose backgrounds, colors, textures that create your vibe and then you are ready to share your piece with the world.

The Video Bay - Extremly early test - HTML5 media tags

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TVB aims to use the new HTML5 features, more specificly the ‘video’ and ‘audio’ tags with the ogg/theora video and audio formats. This site will be an experimental playground and as such subjected to both live and drunk (en)coding


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create interactive timelines with photos, movies, text and hyperlinks

2007 : Online FLV Converter : Download online videos direct to PC / iPod / PSP. It's free!

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Allows you convert a Flash Video / FLV file (YouTube's videos,etc) to MPEG4 (AVI/MOV/MP4/MP3/3GP) file online. - Free online video converter. Convert videos from Youtube, Google Video to the formats AVI, MOV, MP4, 3GP, MP3

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Free online video converter. Convert and download videos from YouTube, Google Video or directly from .FLV file.

You convert it - Free online file conversion (Document, Images, Audio and Video)

by 11 others support unit conversion of thousands of types making it easy for users to reach one stop shop without the need to jump from one location to another.


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Screencast-O-Matic is the original free and easy way to create a video recording of your screen (aka screencast) and upload it for free hosting all from your browser with no install! Annotated link


Media Convert

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Online converter for sound, video, image and documents, also from URL. - free and on line - convert and split sound, ringtones, images, docs - MP3 WMV 3GP AMR FLV SWF AMV MOV WMA AVI MPG MP4 DivX MPEG4 iPOD PSP OGG WMA AAC MP4 MPC MMF QCP KAR MIDI REALAUD

MyTheme | Photo Editor and Animator load

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This online image/video editing service has many tools (resize, crop, draw, filter...frames for videos) Local and web upload.


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online social video editor using tags

UnCut Video

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UnCut Video is the place to come for videos on the Web. Upload videos from your web camera or camcorder. Watch videos from your home state, from Europe, Asia, Africa, Australia and the Middle East. Share videos with your friends over AIM and email. News, sports, pets, music, personals, short films, autos, the odd and the absurd -- it's all here. See it! Shoot it! Share it! Rate and comment on videos, and add them to your AOL Journal.

Video Sharing, Video Share - PiXPO

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Broadcast online video site/channel from your PC in minutes using Peer2Web, caching and streaming technology. Allows users to broadcast video, photos and audio directly from their desktops to the Internet. PixPO is a downloadable client. Soon to have profit-sharing for users. PiXPO offers channel partners shared revenue through software subscriptions and rich media advertising.

AmigoFish: Catch What You Love

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pure Ajax solution for showing and sharing web presentations

Clip Syndicate

Search and Sydicates videos news segments

FlashMeeting - The One Click Videoconference

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Flash video conferencing and recording, demo available.