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dooid - who are you?

DooID is your Web 2.0 business card with e-mail signature. Get your own design, evaluate your networks (like Twitter, Facebook, etc.), interests - an online business card

Something like put your business card at a place which then can be viewed, printed or saved as vcard by everybody interested to You. This is good for your personal branding or business...


addressbook [Clemens Wacha]

PHP iAddressBook is an address book for a single user. You can use it for Personal or Business Cards (it supports tons of fields), features a spotlight-like search, has transparent vCard import/export, multilanguage support, design templates and an intuit

CSV to vCard

This simple JS conversion takes CSV (or tab-delimited) contacts and turns them into vCard format. This was originally written to take information from Outlook Express for Mac OS 9 and bring it into the address book in OS X.

scanR Business Cards :: Scan business cards into vCard :: Camera Phone Digital Camera

Scan web service to convert digital photos to data. (ex photos of business cards to CVS)


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