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07 November 2009

Zcapes - Home

example:A Zcape is a page someone built for an event or an object. Lets say it's the Zcape for people watching America's Next Top Model in the Netherlands . On this Zcape you wil find that people are posting their messages about what they think about the program. Also there is a filter on what people are saying on Twitter about the program. And there is a voting box about which model will leave in the next show. Thats it.

Mobypicture - Share your adventures with your friends realtime

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Directly share your photos, text, audio and videos with all your friends on your favorite social sites: facebook, twitter, flickr, vimeo, and more!

20 October 2009

Electronic notepad - PicoNote

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can write public/private notes - mobile access - from website or twitter.